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MCU-Coatings is a global leading manufacturer of moisture cure polyurea (MCU) marine and protective coatings to protect steel, concrete, aluminium, stainless steel and iron from corrosion. With a history of 30 years, currently, MCU-Coatings is one of the fastest growing moisture cure polyurea (MCU) coating technologies worldwide.

The primary reasons for the success of MCU-Coatings technology is, the ease of application and its proven long-life performance. The coatings performance such as; durability and corrosion resistance, even when applied in less than ideal conditions, is second to none and in a league of it’s own!

Moisture cure polyurea coatings

MCU-Coatings International was the first to develop stable moisture cure urethane technology and is now also the first to develop a high solids environmentally friendly moisture cure urethane coating.

Worldwide supply of protective coatings

MCU-Coatings has representation in over 20 countries around the globe. MCU-Coatings´ products are manufactured in Europe. Since MCU-Coatings only requires three to four different one-component products and one thinner to protect the entire offshore or any structure, it is the easiest to stock and apply with the fewest potential errors.

Authorized exclusive distributors/agents network of MCU Coatings International are available to inspect, assist and coordinate the best solution and recommendations. Our network works actively with the owner/contractor/Engineer, to find the best solution for optimal corrosion protection within the calculated budget and time. This may include: material cost estimation, product specification, homologation procedure, follow up project inspections, etc.

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MCU-Coatings®, an unique single component polyurea coating technology called MCU.
Together with an unbeatable long-term life cycle performance, these coatings have numerous advantages both for the applicator and the owner!

MCU-Coatings can do the job where others fail and our track record of is impressive. The up to 3 times longer life cycle of MCU- Coatings, as compared to an epoxy / polyurethane system, is due to the extreme surface tolerance, the climate non-restrictions and the physical properties. MCU-Coatings’ technology has chemistry with superior characteristics, such as extreme corrosion resistance with greater flexibility, chemical resistance as high abrasion and impact resistance. A 3 layers coatings system can be applied in 1 day. All together MCU-Coatings has virtually eliminated most of all crucial key elements that cause coating “Premature Failures”.


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