Product overview

Primers MCU-zinc
  • Surface tolerant single component, zinc-rich primer
  • Approved for Class B Slip Coefficient.
  • Versatile, easy to use, corrosion resistant primer.
  • Replaces epoxy zinc. Better performance than inorganic zinc.
  • Unlimited recoat time
  • Overcoatable by itself
  • Tolerates flash rusting
  • High DFT tolerance
  • 1 primer for any type of surface prep. including UHP WJ, Dry blasting, wet abrasive blasting, power tool cleaning, hand tool cleaning, …
  • Surface tolerant MIO/Zinc filled primer
  • Better surface tolerance than epoxy mastic
  • Outperforms inorganic zinc primers
  • High DFT tolerance and unlimited re-coatable by itself
  • Compatible with most old coatings and different alloys
  • Full or spot primer on hand and power tool cleaned, (wet/dry) abrasive blasted or UHP cleaned surfaces
  • Versatile, easy to use, corrosion resistant primer
  • Does not require Sa 2.5 for maximum performance
  • Tolerates flash rusting
  • Recommend for immersion, splash zone and atmospheric exposure
  • High solids single component based on aluminium pigments primer
  • Most surface tolerance primer
  • Low viscosity, penetrating sealer to replace epoxy penetrating sealers
  • Outstanding abrasion & impact resistance
  • Can be used in combination with any type of surface preparation
  • Intermediate/Topcoat in highly abrasive environments
Intermediate and functional finish MCU-ferroguard
  • MIO filled, refined coal tar MCU.
  • Outperforms coal tar epoxy in all uses.
  • Immerse within 30 minutes with or without the use of MCU-QuickCure in most conditions.
  • Available in black or red oxide colours.
  • Less irritating than conventional coal tar epoxy.
  • Two coat MCU-Ferroguard system passes 5,000 hours prohesion testing on steel
  • On any marine, offshore, hydro, wastewater or other structure exposed to salt or fresh water and sewage treatment.
  • Above or below grade service direct to concrete or steel.
  • Easily re-coatable and repairable.
  • Universal intermediate/barrier coating
  • Coloured topcoat for interior use where there is limited UV exposure and slight ambering is acceptable
  • Aromatic topcoat to replace epoxy
  • High resistance to atmospheric chemicals
  • Best choice in salt or fresh water immersion service.
  • Ideal for use over MCU primers for long term performance in ballast tanks and cargo holds.
  • Free of tar
  • Used as an intermediate/barrier coating for new construction and full removal projects
  • High-solids aromatic intermediate for atmospheric service.
  • MCU-Miomastic contains a proprietary blend of Moisture Curing Polyurea resin and MIO and has many application and performance advantages compared to epoxy mastics.
  • On any marine, offshore, hydro, wastewater or other structure exposed to salt or fresh water and sewage treatment
  • Easily re-coatable and repairable
  • Ideal to use over MCU-Coatings´ primers for long term performance in atmospheric and interior service
Topcoats MCU-topcoat
  • Semi-gloss aliphatic topcoat.
  • Available in RAL and custom colours.
  • Light stable exterior topcoat for atmospheric use
  • Applies directly to galvanised and other non-ferro substrates
  • MIO modified, low sheen aliphatic topcoat.
  • Recommended for overcoating old coatings.
  • Very durable topcoat for atmospheric service.
  • MIO modification greatly extends coating life and allows easy overcoating for years.
  • Aluminum filled topcoat.
  • Very durable, abrasion and weather resistant topcoat.
  • Outstanding topcoat for restoring weathered galvanized steel.
  • Clear topcoat.
  • Very durable, abrasion and weather resistant topcoat.
  • Light stable exterior topcoat for atmospheric use.
  • High gloss aliphatic finish coat
  • Available in RAL and customs colours.
  • High gloss
  • Luminiscent coating for over more than 8 hours.
  • High durability
  • On shore and offshore use, industrial safety and security applications.
High heat MCU-aluminium HH
  • Heat resistant coating up to 650º C
  • Anticorrosive primer/finish a two layer system.
  • Finish over MCU-Zinc HH
MCU-zinc HH
  • Heat resistant coating up to 420ºC
  • Anticorrosive primer under MCU-Aluminium HH
Accelerators MCU-quickcure
  • Speeds up cure times by 80%.
  • Cure time reduced 30 min. depending on temperature.
  • Pot life still one day when spraying.
  • Increases the DFT tolerance of the MCU-Coatings products.
  • Increases gloss.
  • Adds performance.
  • Increases production.


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MCU-Coatings®, an unique single component polyurea coating technology called MCU
Together with an unbeatable long-term life cycle performance, these coatings have numerous advantages both for the applicator and the owner!

MCU-Coatings® can do the job where others fail and our track record of is impressive. The up to 3 times longer life cycle of MCU-Coatings®, as compared to an epoxy / polyurethane system, is due to the extreme surface tolerance, the climate non-restrictions and the physical properties. MCU-Coatings’ technology has chemistry with superior characteristics, such as extreme corrosion resistance with greater flexibility, chemical resistance as high abrasion and impact resistance. A 3 layers coatings system can be applied in 1 day. All together MCU-Coatings® has virtually eliminated most of all crucial key elements that cause coating “Premature Failures”.


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